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Legends in Urology

Isaac J. Powell, MD
Isaac J. Powell, MD
Detroit, Michigan, USA
February 2017 (Vol. 24, Issue 1, Pages 8605 - 8608)
Ruben F. Gittes, MD
Ruben F. Gittes, MD
San Diego, California, USA
December 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 6, Pages 8533 - 8534)
Fernando Calais da Silva, MD
Fernando Calais da Silva, MD
December 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 6, Pages 8531 - 8532)
Michael J. Droller, MD
Michael J. Droller, MD
New York, NY USA
October 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 5, Pages 8430 - 8434)
John Libertino, MD
John Libertino, MD
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
August 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 4, Pages 8330 - 8333)
Paul F. Schellhammer, MD, FACS
Paul F. Schellhammer, MD, FACS
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
June 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 3, Pages 8261 - 8264)
Johan J Mattelaer, MD
Johan J. Mattelaer, MD
Kortrijk, Belgium
April 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 2, Pages 8189 - 8190)
Karl Storz, MD
Karl Storz, MD
Endoskope, Tuttlingen, Germany
Febraury 2016 (Vol. 23, Issue 1, Pages 8116-8120)
Keong Tatt Foo, MD
Keong Tatt Foo, MD
December 2015 (Vol. 22, Issue 6, Pages 8043-8047)
Richard G. Middleton, MD
Richard G. Middleton, MD
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
October 2015 (Vol. 22, Issue 5, Pages 7944-7946)
James W. L. Wilson, MD
James W. L. Wilson, MD
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
August 2015 (Vol. 22, Issue 4, Pages 7854-7856)
Demetrius H. Bagley, MD,
Demetrius H. Bagley, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
June 2015 (Vol. 22, Issue 3, Pages 7768-7771)
Prof. Dr. Frans M. J. Debruyne, MD, PhD
Frans M. J. Debruyne, MD
Arnhem, The Netherlands
April 2015 (Vol. 22, Issue 2, Pages 7678-7680)
Joseph A. Smith, Jr., MD
Joseph A. Smith Jr., MD
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
February 2015 (Vol. 22, Issue 1, Pages 7590-7593)
Leon Bernstein Hahn, MD
Leon Bernstein Hahn, MD
Buenos Aires,
December 2014 (Vol. 21, Issue 6, Pages 7518-7519)
James E. Montie, MD
James E. Montie, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
October 2014 (Vol. 21, Issue 5, Pages 7430-7432)
Jose Edson Pontes, MD
José Edson Pontes, MD
Wayne State University-School of Medicine
Department of Urology
Detroit, Michigan, USA
August 2014 (Vol. 21, Issue 4, Pages 7332-7334)
Sesterhenn Isabell, MD
Isabell Sesterhenn, MD
Staff Pathologist
Joint Pathology Center
Silver Spring, MD, USA
June 2014 (Vol. 21, Issue 3, Pages 7256-7258)
Ralph W. de Vere White, MD
Ralph W. de Vere White, MD
Director, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
Associate Dean for Cancer Programs
Distinguished Professor, Department of Urology
Codman-Radke Chair in Cancer Research
Sacramento, CA, USA
April 2014 (Vol. 21, Issue 2, Pages 7176-7178)
Dr. Pow-Sang
Julio E. Pow-Sang, MD
Professor Emeritus
National Institute for Neoplastic Diseases
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Lima, Peru
Febrauary 2014 (Vol. 21, Issue 1, Pages 7092-7093)
Dr. Flanigan
Robert C. Flanigan, MD, FACS
Albert J. Jr. and Claire R. Speh Professor and Chair Department of Urology
Loyola University Medical Center and Stritch School of Medicine,
Maywood, Illinois, USA
December 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 6, Pages 6998-7000)
Dr. Schally
Andrew V. Schally, PhD, MDhc
Distinguished Medical Research Scientist,
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,
Professor of Pathology and Department of Medicine,
Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami,
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine,
Miami, Florida, USA
October 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 5, Pages 6889-6892)
Dr. Macchina
Richard J. Macchia, MD, FACS
Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute
Cleveland Clinic Florida
August 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 4, Pages 6817-6819)
Dr. Webster
George D. Webster, MB ChB
Professor of Urology
Duke University
University of Oklahoma
Durham, North Carolina, USA
June 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 3, Pages 6744-6747)
Dr. Romics
Imre Romics, MD, PhD, DSc
Professor (1997-) and Chairman (1997-2012)
Urological Department, Semmelweis University
University of Oklahoma
Budapest, Hungary
April 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 2, Pages 6669-6671)
Dr. Parry
William L. Parry, MD
Professor Emeritus, Past Chairman
Department of Urology
University of Oklahoma
College of Medicine
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
February 2013 (Vol. 20, Issue 1, Pages 6593-6596)
Dr. Mulcahy
John J. Mulcahy, MD, PhD, FACS
Emeritus Professor of Urology, Indiana University
Clinical Professor of Urology, University of Alabama
Madison, Alabama, USA
December 2012 (Vol. 19, Issue 6, Pages 6531-6533)
Dr. Fitzpatrick
John M. Fitzpatrick, MCh, FRCSI, FEBU, FC Urol (SA), FRCSGlas, FRCS
Professor and Chairman Department of Surgery
Mater Misericordiae Hospital and University College Dublin
Head of Research, Irish Cancer Society
Dublin, Ireland
October 2012 (Vol. 19, Issue 5, Pages 6410-6412)
Dr. Elhilali
Mostafa Elhilali, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Professor of Surgery
Jarislowsky Chair of Urology
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
August 2012 (Vol. 19, Issue 4, Pages 6325-6327)
Dr. Lange
Paul H. Lange, MD, FACS
Immediate Past President
Professor of Urology and Chairman Emeritus
University of Washington (UW)
Director: Institute of Prostate Cancer Research UW and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, Washington, USA
June 2012 (Vol. 19, Issue 3, Pages 6240-6242)
Dr. Wagle
Datta G. Wagle, MD, FACS
Immediate Past President
American Urological Association
Western New York Catholic Health System
Buffalo, New York, USA
April 2012 (Vol. 19, Issue 2, Pages 6156-6157)
Dr. Lue
Tom F. Lue, MB, ScD (Hon), FACS
Professor and Vice Chair of Urology
Emil Tanagho Endowed Chair in Clinical Urology
Medical Director, Knuppe Molecular Urology Lab
University of California, San Francisco, California, USA
February 2012 (Vol. 19, Issue 1, Pages 6070-6073)
Dr. Skinner
Donald G. Skinner, MD
Emeritus Professor and Chairman
Department of Urology
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Los Angeles, California, USA
December 2011 (Vol. 18, Issue 6, Pages 5988-5989)
Dr. Smith
Arthur Smith, MD
The Arthur Smith Institute of Urology
Chairman Emeritus
Department of Urology
Long Island Medical Center
New Hyde Park, New York, USA
October 2011 (Vol. 18, Issue 5, Pages 5861-5863)
Dr. Einhorn
Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD
Professor and Chairman
Lance Armstrong Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Indiana University, Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
August 2011 (Vol. 18, Issue 4, Pages 5764-5765)
Dr. Jean B. deKernion
Michael Marberger, MD, FRCS (ed)
Professor and Chairman
Department of Urology
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
June 2011 (Vol. 18, Issue 3, Pages 5667-5669)
Dr. Jean B. deKernion
Jean B. deKernion, MD
The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation Professor of Urology
Chairman, Department of Urology
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Operations
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
April 2011 (Vol. 18, Issue 2, Pages 5582-5583)
Dr. Vallancien
Guy Vallancien, MD
Professor of Urology, Paris Descartes University
Head, Department of Urology, Institut Montsouris, Paris;
and Member of the French National Academy of Medicine
February 2011 (Vol. 18, Issue 1, Pages 5501-5503)
Dr. Chaussy
Christian G. Chaussy, MD, HonFRCSEd
Professor of Urology, Ludwig-Maximilian University
Consultant Professor, Department of Urology
University of Regensburg, Germany
December 2010 (Vol. 17, Issue 6, Pages 5425-5427)
Dr. Toichi
Toichi Takenaka, PhD
Chairman of the Board
Astellas Pharma Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
October 2010 (Vol. 17, Issue 5, Pages 5344-5345)
Dr. Williams
Richard D. Williams, MD
October 7, 1944 - May 28, 2010
Iowa City, Iowa
August 2010 (Vol. 17, Issue 4, Pages 5247-5248)
Dr. Emil A. Tanagho
Brendan M. Fox, MD
Clinical Professor of Surgery (Urology)
University of Connecticut Health Center
Farmington, Connecticut, USA
June 2010 (Vol. 17, Issue 3, Pages 5149-5150)
Dr. Emil A. Tanagho
Emil A. Tanagho, MD
Professor, Chairman Emeritus
Department of Urology
University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
San Francisco, California, USA
April 2010 (Vol. 17, Issue 2, Pages 4533-4537)
Dr. Harry Herr
Harry W. Herr, MD
Attending Surgeon, Department of Urology
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Professor of Urology, Weill Cornell Medical College
New York, New York
February 2010 (Vol. 17, Issue 1, Pages 4972-4974)
Dr. Turner Warwick
Richard Turner Warwick
Emeritus Surgeon
The Middlesex Hospital, London W1 (now UCL)
Institute of Urology Hospitals Group, WC1 (now UCL)
Visiting Consultant Urologist, The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney
December 2009 (Vol. 16, Issue 6, Pages 4883-4886)
Dr. Barry
John M. Barry, MD
Professor of Surgery
Divisions of Urology and Abdominal Organ Transplantation
The Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, Oregon, USA
October 2009 (Vol. 16, Issue 5, Pages 4533-4536)
Dr. Belman
A. Barry Belman, MD, MS
Emeritus Chairman, Department of Pediatric Urology
Children's National Medical Center
Professor of Urology and Pediatrics
George Washington University
Washington, DC, USA
August 2009 (Vol. 16, Issue 4, Pages 4714-4715)
Dr. deVries
Catherine R. deVries, MD, FACS, FAAP
Clinical Professor of Surgery (Urology)
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
I was born in San Francisco, the eldest daughter of a pediatric surgeon, Pieter A. deVries. Perhaps it was inevitable that from early childhood, I would have a fascination with embryology, and in all things biological.....
June 2009 (Vol. 16, Issue 3, Pages 4625-4626)
Dr. Vaughan
E. Darracott Vaughan, Jr.
James J. Colt Professor of Urology
Chairman Emeritus, Department of Urology
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Weill-Cornell Medical College
New York, New York, USA
...I grew up in a medical family with a father and uncle as physicians, and two great grandfathers....
Apr 2009 (Vol. 16, Issue 2, Pages 4533-4535)
Dr. Solowayd
Mark S. Soloway, MD
Professor and Chairman
University of Miami
Leonard Miller School of Medicine
Miami, Florida, USA
...If I had been a more political soul, I might have developed a strategy about the best ways to achieve success. But I was a simple boy...
Feb 2009 (Vol. 16, Issue 1, Pages 4447-4449)
Dr. Schroder
Fritz H. Schroder, MD
Professor of Urology
Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
... Looking back, I feel very strongly that my achievements, if any are likely to endure, are due to excellent teachers, favorable circumstances, and excellent people around me...
Dec 2008 (Vol. 15, Issue 6, Pages 4346-4348)
Dr. David Crawford
Patrick C. Walsh, MD
James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute
John Hopkins Medical Institutes
Baltimore, Maryland USA
... if you have been given the privilege to sail to uncharted water, you have the responsibility to make those charts...
Oct 2008 (Vol. 15, Issue 5, Pages 4230-4232)

Jack Sales
Jack L. Sales, MD FRCSC
University of Western Ontario, London Ontario, Canada
... to study under Dr. Angus McLachlin was probably the most important turning point of my life.
August 2008 (Vol. 15, Issue 4, Pages 4140-4142)

Dr. David Crawford
E. David Crawford, MD
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Aurora, Colorado, USA
... the glue that held the SWOG GU together since it's onset.
June 2008 (Vol. 15, Issue 3, Pages 4044-4046)

Dr. Alvaro Morales
Alvaro Morales, MD, FRCSC, FACS
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
... in my view, could be profitable for young urologists of both private as well as academic plumage.
April 2008 (Vol. 15, Issue 2, Pages 3951-3953)

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