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Value of repeat ultrasonic prostatic biopsies following negative digitally directed biopsy
Karakiewicz I. Pierre; Bazinet Michel; Meshref W. Alaa; Aprikian G. Armen; Trudel Claude; Aronson Samuel; Nachab Mahmoud; Poloquin Francois; Goyal S. Michelle; Begin R. Louis; Elhilali M. Mostafa; Urology Resident, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
Mar 1997 (Vol. 4, Issue 1, Pages( 289 - 292)


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  • OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine the benefit of repeat transrectal ultrasound-guided prostatic biopsy (TRUSBx) among men with prior benign histology on digitally guided biopsy despite suspicious digital rectal examination (DRE) findings. PATIENTS AND METHODS: From January 1, 1990 to May 30, 1993, we evaluated 130 consecutive men, referred to us with benign pathology on digitally-guided biopsy and DRE suspicious of cancer. All patients underwent systematic and directed TRUSBx. RESULTS: TRUSBx detected previously undiagnosed malignancy in 67 cases (51%). CONCLUSION: It is mandatory to reevaluate by TRUSBx, all patients with a palpable abnormality on DRE and a prior benign pathology on digitally-guided biopsy, as the likelihood of finding cancer is elevated.

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