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(15) 2 Apr 2008

Legends and New Techniques in Urology: What great expectations are made of

With this issue, the CJU is proud to introduce what will become two new traditions. First, among pages filled with exciting new developments in clinical and research frontiers of urology, we will honor and pay homage to those who have already carved their path by making enduring contributions to our field.

A new section entitled "Legends in Urology" is introduced with the sole purpose of reviewing major developments in our field and to hear from those responsible for making these advances using their own words to describe their achievements. What better way to launch this section than to honor a great Canadian urologist, a highly esteemed colleague, and a wonderful role model for all aspiring clinical scientists: Professor Alvaro Morales, from Kingston, Ontario.

In this first column, in his own modest words, with his self-effacing demeanor, Dr. Morales recounts the early days of BCG therapy for superficial bladder cancer and the trials and tribulations of having these "radical concepts" brought from bench to bedside. It is his foresight, perseverance, and commitment to making a difference that has resulted in developing a therapy that is now the standard of care for treating this disease all over the world. He is but the first in a line of giants in the field of urology whose contributions will be highlighted in upcoming issues. The collective experience of personal insights, anecdotes and reminiscences are what, we hope, will motivate an entire future generation of up-and-coming urologists to pick up and carry the torch. After all, who amongst us can predict which of many discoveries, contributions and painstaking fruits of our labor will endure the test of time? Our journal pages are full of optimistic great expectations, so it is refreshing to read about those that fulfilled their hopes, through the vision of those who imagined them.

Second, the current issue will also introduce an online video to accompany the Guru et al article published in the "How I Do It" section of our journal. It is our hope to improve visual dissemination of the technical concepts described in this section and to allow an even broader audience to benefit from new information. This exciting material can be accessed through

We welcome your submissions, your comments and critiques of the information presented. The editors of the CJU endorse the new developments of the Information Age to foster the interchange of new ideas.

Gabriel P. Haas, MD, FACS Syracuse, New York, USA Editor-in-Chief

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