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Hormone Therapy and Castration Resistance of Prostate Cancer

Yoichi Arai (Editor) and Osamu Ogawa (Editor)

ISBN: 9789811070129, 433 pages
Publisher: Springer
Rating: HHH (three stars out of five)


This is a comprehensive review of the use of androgen deprivation as treatment for men with prostate cancer. The authors apply this body of knowledge to the Japanese patient population.


The authors successfully achieve their goal of applying the international body of literature to their country’s population of prostate cancer patients as well as providing a complete review of treatments affecting the androgen axis in prostate cancer. The thorough discussions provide a unique reference for urologists treating this population of Japanese men as well as a useful reference for all urologists no matter what continent they are practicing on.


The audience is urologists and oncologists who treat advanced prostate cancer with a special focus on the treatment of Japanese men. The authors are recognized expert urologists from Japan.


The book covers all relevant aspects of castration in the prostate cancer patient, from use prior to local therapy for localized disease all the way to castration resistance and metastasis. Controversies are adequately addressed with a thorough review of the literature. Future topics are also covered such as research on patient-derived xenograft models and AR-V7 splice variants and their relevance to clinical practice. The chapters are organized in logical order with increasing severity of disease state. Notable exclusions are new clinical trials (LATTITUDE, PROSPER, SPARTAN) that were completed shortly after the publication of this book.


This is a high quality review of the use of ADT in prostate cancer treatment and is a useful resource for any physician or practitioner interested in understanding the use of ADT in men with prostate cancer. Asian physicians will likely be additionally interested in the chapters focusing on Japanese patients. Unfortunately, several important trials
were completed just after the publication of this book, so there is no discussion of Abiraterone in hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer patients or second line anti-androgen use in castration-resistant nonmetastatic patients with either enzalutamide or apalutamide. A second edition will be required to update these topics in the future.

Reviewer: James R. Mark, MD Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA, USA

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