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The Little Black Book of Urology, 3rd Edition

Pamela Ellsworth, MD

ISBN: 1449620035, 274 pages
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.
Rating: ★★★ (three stars out of five)


This is the third edition of a brief and general overview of major urologic disease processes in adults and children using a genitourinary organ-based approach.


The purpose is to cover common urologic conditions encountered in general medical and urology practices. The book provides a good overview of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions.


This is a valuable quick reference for both general practitioners and urologists (especially those in training). In particular, the book is well suited for general practitioners, as it provides a urologist’s view and thought process behind the work up and treatment of patients with a variety of urologic conditions. Those already specializing in the field of urology, residents or students in training, may find this book useful as a quick guide to management of patients on the hospital wards or in the office.


The first seven chapters deal with common urologic diseases in the adult patient while the remaining six concern the pediatric patient population. The chapters are subdivided into an organ system approach. Each disease process is named and presented in a systematic method. The cause, epidemiology, pathophysiology, symptoms/signs, differential diagnosis, laboratory/radiologic findings, and treatment options are given for each disease condition. Additional references are embedded in the text to provide further in-depth analysis if desired. The book is clear and concise. The tables are well done and appropriately supplement the text. I was pleased with the attention to the references, which should serve readers well who want to investigate further. There are a few limitations that bear mentioning. First, at times the number of references embedded in the text seems overwhelming. Perhaps placing these at the end of a section or chapter may serve readers better. Second, the paucity of figures, images, and color art is apparent, especially for radiologic or physical exam findings, which would help readers’ understanding of many topics. Finally, an electronic version of the book that would allow for on-demand access via a mobile device would be useful for clinicians or students in need of a quick reference who do not wish to carry a book in their coat pocket.


This book offers enough detail for clinicians/students to gain a good understanding of urologic conditions. The tables and references supplement the text well. Additional figures or artwork would give readers a better visual understanding in certain sections. Overall, this will be an excellent resource for those interested in a quick reference on a multitude of common urologic diseases..

Reviewer: Xiaolong Shawn Liu, MD Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA, USA

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