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Human Papillomavirus: A Practical Guide for Urologists

Rosenblatt, Alberto, MD; Campos Guidi, Homero Gustavo de, MD, PhD

ISBN: 978-3540709732, 223 pages, Hard Cover
Publisher: Springer, 2009
List Price: $159.00 USD
Rating: ★★★ (three stars out of five)


Human papilloma virus (HPV) is considered to be the most common sexually transmitted disease and is the primarycause of genital warts. The relationship of HPV to human malignancy has been established in the last few years andincreased understanding of the relationship of these virus subtypes has lead to improved management strategies.While the HPV cervical cancer relationship is probably the best known and most studied clinically, aerodigestive,penile, and ano-genital cancers are now more directly associated with infection with this virus.


The focus of this book is on the role and management of human papilloma virus in the male patient.


As the title suggests, the primary audience is urologists. However, anyone in obstetrics/gynecology, dermatology,pathology, medical or surgical oncology could find the information helpful. There is limited basic science beyondlaboratory diagnosis, so the book would have limited utility for the laboratory investigator.


The book begins with intriguing facts on the history of HVP and includes historical perspectives on the basis ofnaming various lesions associated with HPV infection. It then moves to a brief overview of diagnostic testing. Thebulk of the book focuses on the practical clinical aspects for urologic practitioners. Subsequent chapters discussHPV-associated lesions, including intraepithelial lesions such as Bowen disease, penile squamous cell carcinoma,and cervical and anogenital neoplasia. The role of the virus in immunosuppression/HIV infection is also addressedin a separate chapter. The book ends with practical aspects of laser ablation and HPV vaccines. The chapters areenhanced by excellent color photographs. Unfortunately, the book does not offer a detailed discussion of the newlyapproved use of the HPV vaccine for use in men, as the approval came after this book was published.


This is the only book in the field of urology dedicated to the management of male patients with HPV. The colorphotographs make the book a very useful reference in the field for those with an interest in oncology or sexuallytransmitted diseases in men.

Reviewer: Leonard Gomella, MD, FACS

Department of Urology

Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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