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Winning the Battle Against Prostate Cancer: Get the Treatment that is Right for You, 2nd Edition

Gerald Chodak, MD

ISBN: 9781936303540
Publisher: Demos Health 2013
Rating: ★★★ (three stars out of five)


This is the second edition of Dr. Gerald Chodak’s book “Winning the Battle Against Prostate Cancer.” Within the pages, the author provides a patient-friendly overview of the complex decision-making necessary in the management of this disease.


The purpose of this work is to provide a comprehensive overview for patient’s and family members of men with recently diagnosed prostate cancer. It is a worthwhile endeavor for which the author should be commended. The author covers the vast disease spectrum from localized to metastatic disease with a care and sensitivity to empower patients. The author meets his objective within this work.


This book is written for patients and their families, but is comprehensive to serve as a primer for medical students and residents. The author is a credible authority within the field with extensive clinical experience.


The book covers the entire spectrum of disease beginning with a basic understanding of prostate anatomy and biology, tracing the potential progression from localized disease to metastatic. Finally, the book closes with an empathic and frank discussion of end of life care. The only shortcoming of the book, is that since prostate cancer management is now truly multidisciplinary consisting of multiple specialties, the work would be enhanced with multiple contributors from different medical backgrounds to provide a more comprehensive understanding, particularly in the areas of radiation and chemotherapy.

Assessment/ Comparison

This book serves as a guide for patients to help them make sense of the management and prognosis of their prostate cancer. I think that it provides an overview and enables patient’s to have a basic understanding to be a true partner in their decision-making.

Reviewer: Robert Den, MD

Department of Radiation Oncology

Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, PA USA

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