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Prostatitis syndromes: an update for urologic practice
Department of Urology, Queen?s University, Kingston General Hospital, Kingston
Oct  2000 (Vol.  7, Issue  5, Pages( 1091 - 1098)


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    Five learning points will review and interpret the advances in the field of prostatitis that have occurred over the last decade. LEARNING POINT #1: The clinical syndrome of prostatitis and related conditions is one of the most common clinical encounters in urology. LEARNING POINT #2: The etiology/pathogenesis of the chronic prostatitis syndromes appears to be an inter-related, multifactorial cascade beginning with an initiating event and culminating with a chronic neuropathic state. LEARNING POINT #3: The NIH classification of the chronic prostatitis syndromes is appropriate for not only research studies but also routine clinical practice. LEARNING POINT #4: A careful evaluation of the lower urinary tract and a standardized assessment of symptoms is essential in the management of prostatitis patients. LEARNING POINT #5: A "best evidence-based" approach to the treatment of the prostatitis syndromes is possible.