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Resident education outcomes and perception of a seminar format to teach female pelvic anatomy and procedures to correct pelvic prolapse
Division of Urology, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Tex
Dec  1998 (Vol.  5, Issue  5, Pages( 658 - 663)


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  • Urologic residents need to learn basic and applied knowledge of female pelvic anatomy, a subject rarely taught beyond preclinical undergraduate medical education. This study tests the hypothesis that urologic resident knowledge of female pelvic anatomy and prolapse may be enhanced with a seminar. Twenty residents attended a one day seminar combining didactics and a cadaveric dissection related to female pelvic anatomy and female pelvic prolapse conditions. Resident knowledge was measured with a multiple choice test administered in a pretest-posttest experimental design. Resident attitudes toward the seminar were assessed by a 20 item survey using a strongly disagree to strongly agree scale. Pretest and posttest mean scores were 55% and 71% respectively, p=.0007 (Kuder-Richardson 20 coefficients were 0.7). Questionnaire responses indicated positive opinions regarding the educational value of the seminar. Urologic resident knowledge of female pelvic anatomy and pelvic prolapse conditions may be enhanced by conducting a one day teaching seminar.