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Results of a survey of Canadian men with prostate cancer
Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre, North York, Ontario
Jun  1997 (Vol.  4, Issue  2, Pages( 359 - 365)


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  • A cross-sectional survey was conducted with a convenience sample of 965 Canadian men with prostate cancer. Questionnaires were distributed to patients by individual urologists, physicians at cancer treatment centres, and prostate cancer self help groups. Most respondents were satisfied by the information received and the communication style of health professionals, although there was a substantive subsample of dissatisfied men. There were indications that many men did not understand information they received. Utilization of specific diagnostic tests varied by region, size of community, and patient income. Many respondents expressed reluctance to discuss difficulties associated with having cancer, but there was also considerable benefit reported from attending prostate self help groups. Although most men focus on the positive aspects of illness impact, many had significant difficulties associated with illness and/or treatment. Lack of help with sexual dysfunction was a commonly reported problem.