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Calculus formation on migrant surgical staples in urinary undiversion
Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Ottawa, Active Attending Staff Ur
Apr  1994 (Vol.  1, Issue  2, Pages( 31 - 33)


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  • Urinary undiversion and bladder reconstruction has led to some of the most ingenious uses of bowel by urologists and will improve the quality of life for patients. The use of the stapler has helped create intussuscepted nipple valves that are more likely to be effective and less likely to extussuscept. Calculi can form on surgical staples exposed to urine and measures to prevent this have been described. We report a case in which there was rapid development in multiple calculi, each having a single staple as a nidus, following urinary undiversion using an antireflux intussuscepted stapled nipple valve in which the distal-most staples were removed from the staple cartridge to its use.