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Proposal to decrease incidence, morbidity, and associated healthcare costs regarding difficult and traumatic urethral catheterization – a protocol for DMC hospitals: A pilot study
Department of Urology, Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Aug  2023 (Vol.  30, Issue  4, Pages( 11624 - 11628)
PMID: 37633291


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  • Introduction:

    Difficult and traumatic urethral catheterization is a common reason for urologic consult. Catheter insertion and management is common for patients who are managed in the hospital setting.

    Materials and methods:

    A four-question survey was distributed across three hospitals at a single-institution.


    A total of 41 nursing staff responses were recorded. Forty-four percent of the nursing staff reported prior participation in a traumatic catheter insertion. Ninety percent of total responders reported a prior involvement with a difficulty catheter.


    Patient morbidity and healthcare costs regarding traumatic and difficult catheterization is significant. Utility of protocols and education could potentially reduce these burdens and enhance patient care.