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Clinical challenges of scrotal lymphangioma in an adult: a rare case of scrotal swelling
Department of Urology, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York, USA
Aug  2022 (Vol.  29, Issue  4, Pages( 11262 - 11265)
PMID: 35969731


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  • Scrotal lymphangiomas represent an extremely rare cause of scrotal swelling. We report a case of scrotal lymphangioma in an 18-year-old male who presented with painful scrotal swelling. Scrotal ultrasound revealed a complex multicystic structure in the left hemiscrotum. The patient underwent successful surgical excision of the mass. Postoperatively, he developed a hydrocele which eventually spontaneously regressed. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis. We outline the unusual presentation, characteristic imaging and histology findings, and surgical management of scrotal lymphangiomas. With this information, urologists may exercise a heightened level of awareness for this rare cause of scrotal swelling.