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Corynebacterium urealyticum: rare urinary tract infection with serious complications
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
Feb  2019 (Vol.  26, Issue  1, Pages( 9680 - 9682)
PMID: 30797252


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  • Corynebacterium urealyticum is an organism associated with a rare chronic urinary tract infection, which can lead to calcification of the urinary tract and promote rapid lithogenesis. This case illustrates the serious complications that can arise from chronic infection with C. urealyticum, which include rapid progression of luminal and parenchymal urinary tract calcification and concomitant renal failure. This case and a review of the literature demonstrate the need for an increased awareness of this organism with early identification, aggressive management, and test of cure that may help avoid the sequela of these infections.