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Improving prostate cancer care collaboratively - a multidisciplinary, formal, consensus-based approach
Department of Radiation Oncology, Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feb  2017 (Vol.  24, Issue  1, Pages( 8646 - 8650)
PMID: 28263130


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    There are numerous standard treatment options for men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer. Multidisciplinary consultation before decision-making is a consensus- and quality-based objective in Ontario. With the goals of working together more collaboratively and to provide higher quality information for patients at the time of decision-making, a prostate cancer community partnership consensus (PCPC) panel was formed among six partnering centers in the Greater Toronto Area.


    Five iterative meetings were held among 40 prostate cancer specialists (32 urologists and 8 radiation oncologists) who participate in multidisciplinary clinics. The meetings defined the goals of the partnership as well as the topics and questions the group would address together. Answers to these questions were developed by formal consensus: >= 75% of participants had to agree with wording based on secret ballots to achieve consensus.


    All six groups wanted to participate to improve patient care/decision-making. Forty-one questions addressing 30 issues were derived from the literature and the group?s collective experience. These issues were cross-tabbed against five management options: active surveillance, radical prostatectomy, low dose rate brachytherapy, high dose rate brachytherapy boost and external beam radiation. Answers common to all modalities were coalesced. Eighty-six issues were subjected to formal consensus. After three rounds of secret ballots, consensus was achieved for the answers to all issues.


    A formal consensus-based partnership between urology and radiation oncology to support newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients was feasible and resulted in a patient information guide which may improve decision-making.