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Early pregnancy likely caused by an intravesical intrauterine device
Department of Urology, Loma Linda University Health, Loma Linda, California, USA
Oct  2016 (Vol.  23, Issue  5, Pages( 8487 - 8490)
PMID: 27705737


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  • A 42-year-old female with remote history of intrauterine device (IUD) placement presented with gross hematuria, urinary urgency, and dyspareunia. Cystoscopy showed an encrusted, free-floating intravesical foreign body consistent with a heavily calcified IUD. It was removed endoscopically using holmium laser cystolitholapaxy. The patient remained symptom free postoperatively. While most intravesical IUDs are thought to be the result of migration after several months, this patient became pregnant within 4 weeks after initial insertion. Therefore this may represent a case either of early intravesical migration or of accidental IUD placement into the bladder at the time of initial insertion.