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A case of Fournier's gangrene necessitating total penectomy
Department of Urology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Dec  2015 (Vol.  22, Issue  6, Pages( 8108 - 8111)
PMID: 26688143


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  • Fournier's gangrene is an uncommon necrotizing infection affecting the genital and perineal area. Penile involvement in particular is rare owing to its rich vascular supply. In this report, we document a case of Fournier?s gangrene involving penile and urethral tissue requiring multiple debridements resulting in significant penile deformity and a non-healing wound. Eventually, the patient underwent penectomy and perineal urethrostomy creation. In this case, penectomy and perineal urethrostomy provide a functional outcome for highly refractory and complex patients with Fournier'ss gangrene involving penile tissue.