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International Young Urological Association: a global platform network for young urologists
Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Cebeci-Ankara, Turkey
Aug  2013 (Vol.  20, Issue  4, Pages( 6878 - 6879)
PMID: 23930618


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  • Despite the growth of the digital era, rapid spread of information, and real-time communication, there are several urologists throughout the world who do not have access to urological scientific programs, academic training programs, or memberships to well-established urological organizations, associations, and societies. The International Young Urological Association (IYUA) is a non-profit organization that was created to specifically address and facilitate access for urologists that for geopolitical, economical, or other reasons would not otherwise have these opportunities available to them. The IYUA's non-competitive nature allows for urologists to use the IYUA as an initial platform to network with globally established organizations to deliver scientific training programs, courses, and meetings in less common locations. It is our objective to demonstrate the IYUA's mission and facets that may contribute to the increased academic and scientific education of professionals in Urology where the access to these resources can be challenging.