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Seminal vesicle abscess following prostate biopsy requiring transgluteal percutaneous drainage
The George Washington University Hospital, Washington, DC, USA
Jun  2013 (Vol.  20, Issue  3, Pages( 6811 - 6814)
PMID: 23783054


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  • Transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy (TRUSB) of the prostate directly contaminates the prostate with rectal flora. Patients commonly receive fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibiotics to prevent infection. Infectious complications following TRUSB are increasing. The most common offending organism is Escherichia coli (E. coli), with isolates of this bacteria showing growing resistance to FQs. We present to our knowledge the first reported case of seminal vesicle abscess formation after TRUSB. The abscess was initially not seen on computed tomography and eventually treated with percutaneous drainage by a transgluteal approach. We review literature on infectious complications following TRUSB with implications for future antibiotic prophylaxis.