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Diagnosis and management of simple and complicated urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Mount Sinai Hospital and University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Oct  2012 (Vol.  19, Issue  51, Pages( 42 - 48)
PMID: 23089347


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  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs) remain a common clinical problem in both the community and healthcare-associated settings. Each patient should be carefully assessed to ensure that a correct diagnosis is made and that antimicrobial therapy is appropriately prescribed -- defined as using a clinically indicated agent in the correct dose and route of administration, for the correct duration -- for symptomatic patients, and avoided for most asymptomatic patients. This should help stem the growing tide of antimicrobial resistance and allow for the continued use of simpler, less expensive agents. Continued surveillance and monitoring of antimicrobial resistance rates will be critical to help formulate and update future treatment recommendations for all categories of patients with UTIs.