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Histological findings in the prostate two years following cryosurgical ablation
Departments of Surgery and Radiology, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, Alberta,
Apr  2001 (Vol.  8, Issue  2, Pages( 1237 - 1239)


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  • We examined the pathological findings from prostatic whole mounts obtained at post-mortem, 2 years following cryosurgical ablation of the prostate (CSAP), to evaluate the presence or absence of residual benign or malignant tissue. Whole prostates were obtained from two patients at post-mortem, in which the cause of death was not related to prostate cancer. The patients had received CSAP 24 and 30 months earlier, as the primary treatment for prostate cancer. Complete ablation of the gland was demonstrated in one case, with some residual viable benign glands in the transitional zone in the second case. These results suggest that localized prostate cancer can be successfully eradicated by CSAP.