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Improving service systems for spinal cord injury patients in British Columbia: a survey of urologists
Associate Professor, Division of Urology, University of British Columbia, Vancou
Aug  1999 (Vol.  6, Issue  4, Pages( 829 - 833)


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    A previous survey of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) in British Columbia (B.C.) reported some dissatisfaction in the services provided to treat this condition. We surveyed Urologists in B.C. to gather information about services provided and suggestions for future service development.


    A 14-item questionnaire was developed and sent to all Urologists in B.C. Frequency analyses were done on responses.


    Fifty-one out of 62 questionnaires (82%) were returned. Seventy-five percent of Urologists saw 0-14 SCI patients per year. Urinalysis, culture, ultrasound, and electrolytes/BUN/creatinine were ordered by >80% of Urologists, and cystoscopy, urodynamic studies, and intravenous pyleogram were ordered by 22-64%. Seventy-five percent were satisfied with urological resources in their area. Regarding the need for development of centralized services 64% agreed. However, 100% indicated that they would use selected services typically provided from a centralized resource centre if available.


    Urologists in B.C. are relatively satisfied with their regional urological services but expressed a need for specialized resource development.