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Early experience with transurethral needle ablation of large prostates
Division of Urology, Prostate Clinic, Department of Surgery, The University of B
Feb  1999 (Vol.  6, Issue  1, Pages( 686 - 691)


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  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of transurethral needle ablation (TUNA®) performed on benign hyperplastic prostates > 60 gms. Patients and methods: Ten patients with bilobar hyperplasia and without a large middle lobe received one TUNA® Treatment. The mean age was 67.5 years (range 56-80) and the mean prostatic weight was 76.89 (range 62-98 gms). Symptom scores, quality of life (QOL), maximum and average flow rates were measured before and 1,3, and 6 months post treatment.


    After 6 months patients showed mean improvements in symptom scores (19.9 to 12.11), maximum flow rates (8.63 mL/sec to 12.75 mL/sec) and QOL (4.2 to 2.33). Recurrence of symptoms occurred in one patient at 13 months post TUNA® and he was retreated. One patient developed urinary retention and received a TURP.


    Short term results in this small group of patients indicate that TUNA® is a safe technique for individuals with large prostates and in this small group of patients resulted in reduced symptoms, high patient satisfaction and acceptable morbidity.

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