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Optimizing outcomes in men with prostate cancer: the cardiovascular event lowering (CaELo) pathways
Department of Urology, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA;
Apr  2024 (Vol.  31, Issue  2, Pages( 11820 - 11825)
PMID: 38642459


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  • Introduction:

    Risk of cardiovascular disease is higher among men with prostate cancer than men without, and prostate cancer treatments (especially those that are hormonally based) are associated with increased cardiovascular risk.

    Materials and methods:

    An 11-member panel of urologic, medical, and radiation oncologists (along with a men’s health specialist and an endocrinologist/preventive cardiologist) met to discuss current practices and challenges in the management of cardiovascular risk in prostate cancer patients who are taking androgen deprivation therapies (ADT) including LHRH analogues, alone and in combination with androgen-targeted therapies (ATTs).


    The panel developed an assessment algorithm to categorize patients by risk and deploy a risk-adapted management strategy, in collaboration with other healthcare providers (the patient’s healthcare "village"), with the goal of preventing as well as reducing cardiovascular events. The panel also developed a patient questionnaire for cardiovascular risk as well as a checklist to ensure that all aspects of cardiovascular disease risk reduction are completed and monitored.


    Prostate cancer patients receiving ADT with or without ATT need to be more zealously assessed for prevention and aggressively managed to reduce cardiovascular events. This can and should include participation from the entire multidisciplinary healthcare team.