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Patient and caretaker satisfaction with the PureWick system
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Aug  2022 (Vol.  29, Issue  4, Pages( 11216 - 11223)
PMID: 35969725


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  • Introduction:

    The BD PureWick System (PureWick) allows for non-invasive management of urinary incontinence (UI) by using a low-pressure suction to wick urine from an external catheter into a collection canister. The purpose of this study was to assess satisfaction of using PureWick for management of UI in the outpatient setting based on patient and caregiver feedback.

    Materials and methods:

    Patients and caregivers utilizing PureWick completed an online questionnaire between August and October 2020. Factors evaluated included demographics, satisfaction, recommendations, and claims using multiple choice questions, checklists, 6-point Likert Scale, and open-ended questions. Patient and caregiver responses were compared using the independent samples t-test and z-test.


    Of the 119 patients and 205 caregivers completing the questionnaire, > 80% indicated satisfaction, comfort benefits, continued future use, and likelihood of recommendation despite > 70% reporting increased expense compared to diapers. Additionally, > 20% indicated sleep benefits. Compared to patients, caregivers found PureWick easier to use (3% vs. 20%, p < 0.001) and associated with less perceived UTI and skin infections (7% vs. 17%, p = 0.008). Claims, using the 6-point Likert Scale, with mean ratings ≥ 5 included PureWick being easy to set up, empty, clean, and, compared to diapers, requiring leaving the bed less to use the bathroom. Caregivers gave higher ratings than patients to claims on PureWick being easy to set up and allowing for feelings of increased rest the morning after use.


    Patients and caregivers using PureWick in the outpatient setting reported convenience in managing UI, intended future use, and more satisfaction in comparison to adult diapers.