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Aquablation for BPH:
Kasraeian Urology, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Oct  2020 (Vol.  27, Issue  5, Pages( 10378 - 10381)
PMID: 33049190


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  • INTRODUCTION To characterize procedure variables and outcome data from men undergoing the Aquablation Therapy of the prostate procedure for lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). We evaluated the safety and efficacy of robotically guided waterjet-based prostate resection in the first study of all-comers in a single-center, commercial setting in the United States.


    The analysis was a retrospective review of prospectively collected data.


    Fifty-five men underwent the Aquablation of the prostate between July 2018 and December 2019. Mean prostate volume was 100 cc, and 85% had a prominent, obstructing middle lobe. Operative time averaged 59 minutes, and the mean hemoglobin drop was 1 g/dL. A substantial improvement of 80% (17 points) was seen in BPH symptoms scores. By uroflowmetry, Qmax improved by 182% (14 mL/sec). Men with prostate volume > 100 cc had similar hospital length of stay, BPH symptom reduction, and Qmax improvement compared to those with volume < 100 cc.


    In the setting of a community private urology practice, Aquablation Therapy was safe and effective for the treatment of men with BPH regardless of prostate shape or prostate size.