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Cultural anorgasmia: considerations in the evaluation of male infertility in the Hasidic community
Division of Urology, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Aug  2019 (Vol.  26, Issue  4, Pages( 9864 - 9866)
PMID: 31469644


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  • There are many factors that may contribute to infertility, including psychosocial issues. The understanding of the cultural and spiritual background of patients can help elicit a sexual history that may lead to a diagnosis and subsequent successful treatment plan. Within this context, we present a case report of a Hasidic couple with primary infertility. Evaluation revealed what we are referring to as “cultural anorgasmia,” with the male partner having never been educated about nor experienced an orgasm due to his religious upbringing. Counseling about basic anatomy and the physiology of sexual arousal and orgasm was successful in overcoming anorgasmia and achieving pregnancy

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