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Association between natural killer cell activity and prostate cancer: a pilot study
Department of Urology, University of Toronto, Humber River Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Apr  2017 (Vol.  24, Issue  2, Pages( 8708 - 8713)
PMID: 28436356


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    Natural killer (NK) cells play a significant role in tumor cell immunosurveillance. The association between the activity of NK cells and prostate cancer has previously been demonstrated using conventional research-based tests.


    The aim of the present pilot study was to study the association between NK cell activity (NKA) and prostate cancer using a simple blood test. Subjects that had previously been selected for prostate biopsy underwent a blood test for NKA using an in vitro diagnostic device (IVDD) (NK Vue, ATGen Canada Inc., Laval, QC, Canada) prior to biopsy.


    Of the 43 subjects sent for prostate biopsy, 21 were found to have prostate cancer. The test performance of the NKA IVDD, assessed using receiver operating characteristics, showed an area under the curve of 75%, a sensitivity of 57%, a specificity of 91%, a positive predictive value of 86% and a negative predictive value of 69%, with an odds ratio of 13.33. Using a cut off of 200 pg/mL for NKA, the absolute risk of having prostate cancer with NKA values below this level was found to be 86%.


    This pilot study showed that subjects with low values of NKA were more likely to have a positive outcome at prostate biopsy.