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The primary care physician's role in the monitoring and management of the potential sequelae of the medical treatment of prostate cancer: early and late
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery at Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Feb  2016 (Vol.  23, Issue  11, Pages( 31 - 36)
PMID: 26924593


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  • Significant progress has been made in the management of aggressive prostate cancer. The established old and new treatments have resulted in the significant delay in progression of disease, improvement of the quality of life, as well as the increase in the overall survival of men with advanced prostate cancer. However, these therapies carry with them possible adverse effects that primary care physicians are experienced in managing. Thus, there is an increasing need for the urologist to involve and partner closely with the primary care practitioner to prevent, identify and manage the potential side effects of these life-changing therapies.