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Primary malignant melanoma of the urinary bladder and ureter
Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Feb  2016 (Vol.  23, Issue  1, Pages( 8171 - 8175)
PMID: 26892061


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  • Primary malignant melanoma of the urinary bladder is a rare lesion. We report the case of a 78-year-old male with no previous history of cutaneous melanoma who presented with hematuria. Further investigation with imaging and cystoscopy raised suspicion of a primary bladder and ureteric melanoma, which had subsequently metastasized. This was confirmed with histological assessment and a thorough search for alternative primary lesions. Unfortunately, our patient passed away prior to receiving any oncological treatment for his metastatic melanoma, underscoring both the high mortality of this lesion and the need for a consensus on definitive treatment.