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A single United Kingdom center experience of open partial nephrectomy using regional ischemia
Colchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom
Jun  2014 (Vol.  21, Issue  3, Pages( 7277 - 7282)
PMID: 24978357


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    Different techniques are used in open partial nephrectomy (OPN) for localized renal cancer, with variable impact on renal function. Regional renal ischemia technique by using different clamps and without the need to occlude renal vessels is gaining popularity. In our study, we present the largest international series; and the first in the United Kingdom; describing OPN using soft bowel clamp. We study the impact of this regional ischemia innovative technique on renal function, postoperative complications and oncological outcomes.


    We retrospectively analyzed the first 100 OPN cases done between 2001 and 2011. All available data on the hospital databases were analyzed; recording patient demographics, tumor characteristics, operative procedure details, histopathology results and long term follow up.


    A direct comparison with other studies that have used different clamps to achieve regional ischemia was performed. Our technique has the advantage of being used for interpolar and hilar/central tumors. Our mean tumor size was higher at 4.1 cm. Our positive margin rate for malignant tumors was comparable with other studies, same for mean operative time and hospital stay. None had significant deterioration in renal function that required renal replacement therapy. Median blood loss was 400 mL. Our series has the advantage of showing the long term follow up data.


    We believe the technique we have developed using soft bowel clamp to produce regional renal ischemia is practical and successful. It can be applied safely in all OPN cases, with excellent oncological outcome and clinically acceptable renal function preservation.