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High pressure vaginography to diagnose vaginal ureteral ectopia in patients with continuous urinary incontinence
Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Feb  2013 (Vol.  20, Issue  1, Pages( 6603 - 6606)
PMID: 23433129


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    Continuous urinary incontinence in female patients can be a diagnostic dilemma if traditional imaging fails to identify a source. Vaginography has been used to diagnose vaginal ectopic ureters in the past with mixed results.


    Institutional review board approval was obtained for a retrospective review. Five teenage females with continuous incontinence and prior negative imaging work ups underwent high pressure vaginography. Their findings and treatment outcomes are reviewed.


    A vaginal ectopic ureter was diagnosed in each of the five patients at a mean age 15.8 years. Each had undergone prior magnetic resonance urography that was non-diagnostic. Four of the five were managed surgically with resolution of their incontinence. One was lost to follow up.


    High pressure vaginogram should be considered during the work up of female patients with continuous urinary incontinence, especially when other imaging modalities fail to identify an etiology.