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Clinical presentations of schistosoma hematobium: three case reports and review
Department of Urology, North Middlesex University Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Jun  2011 (Vol.  18, Issue  3, Pages( 5757 - 5762)
PMID: 21703056


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  • Urinary schistosomiasis is a prevalent parasitic infection in certain areas of Africa and the Middle East. It could present with common as well as unusual urological symptoms, which poses a considerable diagnostic challenge in countries where there is relative low incidence of the disease. We describe three unusual cases of urinary schistosomiasis identified in patients presenting to a London hospital. One patient was found to have schistosomiasis in the seminal vesicles following surgery for prostatic adenocarcinoma. Another was found to have schistosoma-related granulomatous inflammation within a urachal cyst. Thirdly a patient was found to have simultaneous occurrence of transitional cell carcinoma and schistosomiasis of the bladder. We review the literature on the presentations of the parasite and its association with malignancy. In conclusion, awareness of the disease prevalence, clinical and histopathological features will help to avoid missing the diagnosis.