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An unusual penpal: case report and literature review of posterior urethral injuries secondary to foreign body insertion
Department of Urology, St. Jamess Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
Aug  2009 (Vol.  16, Issue  4, Pages( 4757 - 4759)
PMID: 19671232


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  • We report the case of a 57-year-old male who attended the emergency department after inserting a ballpoint pen into his urethra 24 hours earlier during a sexual encounter. Rigid cystoscopy was performed and confirmed the foreign body to have caused a partial rupture of the posterior urethra. It was subsequently removed using a combination of graspers and stone retrieval baskets. Self insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra is often as a result of psychiatric disturbance, alcohol intoxication or as a means of sexual gratification. Posterior urethral injuries are more commonly associated with pelvic trauma and iatrogenic injuries. Injury secondary to self insertion of a foreign body is infrequently reported. Temporary insertion of a urethral catheter may be necessary. We reviewed the literature in relation to this unusual problem.