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Primary Hodgkin lymphoma of the adrenal gland: a unique case presentation
Division of Urology, Southern Illinois University, Springfield, Illinois, USA
Jun  2009 (Vol.  16, Issue  3, Pages( 4694 - 4696)
PMID: 19497184


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  • Adrenal 'incidentalomas' are commonly found on body imaging, and treatment of these lesions 4 cm-6 cm in size is controversial. Most of these lesions are benign adrenal cortical adenomas. Lymphoma is a rare disease manifestation in the adrenal gland, and the overwhelming majority are metastatic lesions. Hodgkin lymphoma has never been reported as a primary adrenal lesion. We present a very unique case report of a 5 cm adrenal 'incidentaloma' that represents the first reported case of primary Hodgkin lymphoma in the adrenal gland.