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Testis sparing surgery for sequential bilateral testicular tumors
Ankara Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, 1st Urology Department, Ankara, Turkey
Jun  2009 (Vol.  16, Issue  3, Pages( 4677 - 4681)
PMID: 19497179


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  • Objective:

    We present our experience in performing testis sparing surgery (TSS) to treat sequential bilateral testicular tumors.

    Material and methods:

    We performed TSS on two patients with bilateral sequential testicular tumors.


    A 43-year-old patient (Case 1) and a 33-year-old patient (Case 2) had previous inguinal orchiectomy for seminoma. The patients were diagnosed with secondary testicular tumors in the contralateral testes on follow up. They were treated with TSS after frozen section analysis of the peritumoral testicular tissue. Pathologic evaluation of the removed tumors revealed immature teratoma and Leydig cell tumor. Both patients are disease free without local recurrence and do not have erectile dysfunction, and thus do not need androgen replacement therapy after a follow up of 6 months and 44 months, respectively.


    TSS after frozen section analysis appears to be a safe and feasible procedure that, in carefully selected cases, offers adequate cancer control, preserves sexual function, and provides psychological benefits.