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The emergence of imaging technology in advanced prostate cancer
Department of Medical Affairs, Cytogen Corporation, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Dec  2007 (Vol.  14, Issue  61, Pages( 32 - 38)
PMID: 18163943


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  • Rapid advances in imaging technology have whetted our collective appetites for practical clinical applications to assist the physician and patient in therapeutic decisions. Current limitations of imaging technology are being addressed by the convergence of technology in materials science, the computer industry, and biology which have led to improvements of diagnostic imaging. Refinements in image acquisition, fusion of images, and outcomes data now suggest use for image-guided therapy. Novel imaging agents and technologies appear to provide improved capabilities to detect malignant lymph nodes. Future applications of optical coherence tomography, electron paramagnetic resonance imaging, nanotechnology, and other forms of molecular imaging promise further refinements to enhance our diagnostic armamentarium.

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