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Hypercalciuria associated with pediatric prostatic calculi
Division of Pediatric Urology, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Jun  2007 (Vol.  14, Issue  3, Pages( 3577 - 3579)
PMID: 17594749


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  • Prostatic calculi, though common in adult men, are rare in children. We report three cases of pediatric prostatic calculi seen at our clinic that were associated with hypercalciuria and elevated urinary calcium/creatinine ratios. The patients had no symptoms from their prostatic calcification, but one patient had recurrent symptomatic renal calculi. In patients with prostatic calculi, determination of spot urine calcium/creatinine ratios is recommended. If significant hypercalciuria is found, treatment to prevent upper urinary tract calculi may be considered.