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Parameters of successful sacral root neuromodulation of the pelvic floor: a retrospective study
Division of Urology, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, Univer
Jun  2004 (Vol.  11, Issue  3, Pages( 2303 - 2308)


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    Neuromodulation of the pelvic floor (InterStim®) is a relatively new technique in the field of urology. We present our observations for effective neuromodulation on our patient population.


    In a retrospective case review study, we studied the charts of 67 patients, who underwent InterStim? operations between the years 1993 to 2002. All patients had a good response to InterStim®. Patients with inefficient or inconclusive responses were not included in the study. All the relevant patient data was recorded from their charts. For each patient, the following was recorded; the amplitude in volts, the pulse width (in microseconds) and rate, the mode (cycling versus continuous), the electrodes and their position, the load impedance, and the change in amplitude over time.


    Amplitude over time showed an initial plateau, followed by a small increase that gets larger.


    Long-term management of InterStim® recipients requires increasing amplitude following the implantation of the IntreStim® to maintain the same satisfactory levels of urinary control.