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Segmental testicular infarction: diagnosis and strategy
Department of Urology, Rouen Charles Nicolle University Hospital, France
Dec 2002 (Vol. 9, Issue 6, Pages( 1698 - 1701)


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  • OBJECTIVES: We report the usefulness of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in testicular infarction, in order to avoid surgical exploration. METHODS: In December 2000, a 37-year-old African male presented with left testicular pain and no prior history of trauma. Physical examination, ultrasonography and MRI were performed by an experienced radiologist (D.T.), which suggested a segmental testicular infarction. Surgical exploration was not performed and a period of watchful waiting with evolution control by ultrasonography was decided.


    After a 3 month follow-up, the ultrasonography control revealed a total re-vascularization of the vessels and a reduction of the lesion size.


    The authors suggest that the combination of ultrasonography and MRI, in the management of testicular infarction, may avoid invasive surgery.

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